Sustainability and environmental policy

Vision - Jogersö Eco Camp

Jogersö Eco Camp should be the obvious choice for a guest in eastern Sweden who wants a sustainable vacation. We want to satisfy today’s demand for cozy and natural family camping with lots of activities without risking that future generations’ opportunities will be limited. We are the last generation that can prevent further climate change.

We have chosen to divide our sustainability work into three cornerstones:

We work with social sustainability

For us, social sustainability means that people can live well with us and that the staff are happy and we have a tight team. Everyone is equal. We support local and sustainable suppliers.

We work to ensure that our environment is sustainable

We must only use environmentally friendly products and recycle everything that goes and work to give future generations the chance to vacation and live in a toxic-free environment in the long term.

We work with sustainable profitability

We must be energy efficient, reuse and use renewable materials that create customer value and at the same time improve our profitability.