FAQ – common questions and answers

Here we have collected the most frequently asked questions.

Stay at Jogersö

Question: I need to do laundry, are there laundry facilities at the campsite?
Answer: Yes, here you can read about all our options

Question: Is there a grocery store on Jogersö?
Answer: We have a small selection of goods in our shop at the reception. In the center of Oxelösund there are several grocery stores to choose from.


Question: I need to cancel my stay with you, how do I do it?

Answer: Here you can read about our cancellation rules

Question: Can you book cleaning of the cabin?
Answer: Yes, you can book the final city when you make your reservation.


Is there a venue to rent for birthday celebrations?

Answer: Yes, there is a meeting and party room:
Bookable for ALL during low season 23 Aug – June 2022
Half day SEK 400, full day SEK 800
For accommodation at the campsite:
Half day SEK 300, full day SEK 700

Question: Are there baths nearby?
Answer: Yes, we have Sörmland’s largest sea bath on Jogersö next to the campsite